If you can handle Kim Kardashians wedding, you can handle Sharks – Original Runner Company

If you can handle Kim Kardashians wedding, you can handle Sharks – Original Runner Company


With Gusto!

Gusto, moxie, panache…call it what you will.  Julie Goldman stepped into the Shark Tank in season 2 and left a trail of sharky chum in her wake.  She is the founder of Original Runner Company, which is an incredibly successful wedding specialty company.  What is her secret?  A fantastic product, winning attitude, and an insatiable drive to succeed are the foundation, but that’s just scratching the surface.

“You cannot scale a business unless you are willing to let go of the pieces that you should be delegating” Julie Goldman

Julie joins me on Shark Tank Podcast to talk about her experience on the show and tell us some of the things that didn’t make the final cut.  In addition she shares her enthusiasm and insight into building a thriving company from a niche product like wedding runners.   I knew from watching the show that Julie was sharp (Mr. Wonderful learned the hard way) I didn’t realize she is the full package.  She is also an excellent speaker, presenter, and motivator, which makes this an easy listen and an outstanding session of Shark Tank Podcast – JUMP IN!

“I have been doing this business for so long that I make sure I constantly foster the generation of new ideas…don’t get stuck in the trap that your ideas are always the best ”  Julie Goldman



The Deal: NO DEAL!

Make sure to check out the profile that was done by Infusionsoft on Julie…A must see for any small business person. 

You can also check out the podcast session I did with the founder of InfusionSoft.


Julie in her element

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Each a work of art

In This Episode You Will Hear:

  • What Julie did to ensure she maximized the shark tank effect
  • Find repeat business – Celebrity weddings are great because of the “60 day wedding” (Hilarious)
  • Why when Julie was asked to come on season 1 of Shark Tank, her answer was “NO WAY”
  • Why Julie believes she should have invented Spanx – and how
  • Julie has been profitable since day 1 with original runner company – How?
  • Why Julie left NY to ensure her wedding business would flourish
  • What to do when someone rips off your idea and opens a shop next door
  • The Mr. Wonderful Mashup!  A must listen
  • Why Julie is a huge believer in CRM – what is it and why do you need it?
  • How CRM has changed her business upside down in the best way possible (Julie’s wedding sales cycle can take YEARS)
  • See how Julie takes her one sale of the year, and uses it plan, budget, and forecast the entire year. Brilliant
  • Plus a whole lot more…

Advice from Julie for entrepreneurs who haven’t made it over the hump just yet:

  •  As soon as you get the website up, you need to have a CRM.  It does things that no entrepreneur can do…things that need to happen in order to make sales.
  • Your success will depend on your ability to manage your database.
  • DELEGATION – anything in column 2 & 3 should be delegated

Items we talked about during the session:

Julie’s Website

Julie’s blog post after going on Shark Tank  (More guests should do this!!)

Celebrity weddings: Michael Jordan, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Ritchie, Fergie/Josh Duhamel, David Eckstein, etc…

Gallery of Product

(The Future of Radio)

Tech that Julie could not survive without:

Book that Julie recommends:

Conquer the Chaos: How to Grow a Successful Small Business Without Going Crazy

Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard

Tell Julie that you enjoyed her remarks:


Twitter: @WeddingRunners


shark tank








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