The Show No Towel Update – Shelly Ehler – Season 3 Episode 4

The Show-No Must Go On!

Shelly Ehler stepped into the Shark Tank after months if not years of hearing how she would be “perfect” for the show.  She was reluctant, she was scared, and she left one of the most memorable, likeable, and fought over contestants in the show’s history.  Shelly’s post game shark tank after effect has been a bumpy ride full of huge expectations, colossal disappointments, and big surprises.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”  Henry David Thoreau (Shelly had this memorized-BOOM!)
“It took 25 years for the universe to give me my calling” Shelly Ehler

I am honored to be able to share this podcast with you the faithful shark tank podcast audience.  Shelly is on her way to great things, so its exciting to share this little slice of joy with you.  I know you will love it.

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Shelly, Pramod Patel, & yours truly at Shark Boot Camp


THE DEAL: Lori Greiner (This deal did not go through, despite the update that aired on ABC and the 50k check Lori handed her on TV)

75k for 25%

Episode 304 – 02/10/2012

Asking: 50k for 25%

In This Shark Tank Update You Will Hear:

  • Shelly never wanted to go on Shark Tank after watching someone get SQUASHED by the Sharks = Not Interested
  • People told her once a week she should go on the show…but it took the show contacting her before she finally “Let Go”
  • 197 days from recording to broadcast…Shelly likens it to pregnancy (whhaaatt?)
  • Don’t rely on anyone else, you are going to be disappointed if you do.
  • Shark Tank Exec Producer Clay Newbill says, “This isn’t winning the lottery” right before you go on.  He ain’t kidding.
  • The sales bell hardly rang on the night of her Shark Tank debut.  ULTIMATE BUZZKILL!
  • How to pitch the sharks when you only have 15k in total towel sales.
  • Lori Grenier was brand new when Shelly came in the tank, and Shelly had her mind made up ‘before she walked in the building early.’
  • Shelly admits she didn’t take the best deal being offered.  We analyze why this happens in the tank.
  • Mark “The Shark” Cuban tells Shelly that connections are the easy part, but Shelly was looking for a mentor.
  • Shelly scored a towel licensing deal…A BIG ONE.  Plan on seeing Show No’s at a store near you.
  • Plus a whole lot more…

Advice From Shelly For Entrepreneurs Who Haven’t Made It Over The Hump Just Yet:

  • Gratitude will change your life.  Say thank you for the things that don’t go right as well as those that do.
  • Keep knocking on doors – eventually the right one will open
  • Stop asking “Why” 

Items We Talked About During The Podcast:

Show No Towel Website

Shelly’s Towel featured on GMA this past Independence Day

My ideas for Show No towel in the tank

  • Oleary Funds towel for traders on the floor
  • Herjavec show no towel for pit crew
  • Mavericks show nos for ball boys and tear away training towels for pre game)

Elly Bellys – So Good (Check them out next time you are in San Diego)

A link I found online with some cool pictures of her journey

I will be doing a review of the towel she sent me…keep your pants on.

(The Future of Radio)

Book That Shelly Recommends:

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Tell Shelly That You Enjoyed Her Remarks:

Twitter: @Shownotowels



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