Emazing Lights Update – Brian Lim – Shark Tank Season 6

  Brian is giving away FREE GLOVES to celebrate our EPIC PODCAST.  Click Here to WIN. If you got a $20m valuation in the Shark Tank, would you turn it down? That’s what I ask today’s guest — Brian Lim of Emazing Lights. I’m a big fan of Brian. He’s a young guy with an amazing work

Would you rather? Mr. Wonderful vs Marcus Lemonis

If you are wondering about the picture from SNL, that is supposed to be me in the middle.  Me?  Him? You? Me? ok! I had a chance to speak recently with Scott Noonan, the CEO and partner in crime from Wicked Good Cupcakes.  If you aren’t familiar with them then all you really need to

Episode 520 – Young Bloods! – Shark Tank Podcast

The YOUNG BLOODS! Season 5 Episode 20 Original Airdate: 03/05/2014 Episode 520  features young entrepreneurs, including some young children.  I was skeptical about this at first because I sensed the youth angle would mean we would sacrifice quality, but that wasn’t the case.  I have to give them credit because I WISH I had been

Freshly Picked Update – Susan Peterson – Season 5 Episode 15

Alternate Title: How to get a standing ovation from Mark Cuban on National TV! Take your pick, either way Susan Peterson was FANTASTIC during her segment on Shark Tank.  Whether your judge it based on her standing O, or throwing Kevin off his game, or her wonderful story and product…Freshly Picked was a winner and