Myself Belts Update; 1 Year After The Shark Tank!

Talia jumped into the Shark Tank in Season 6.  Despite over 205k in sales the year prior, a couple of the sharks were hard on her.  Daymond liked what he saw and made a deal investing 75,000 for 25% of the business.  Scroll down to read about whats happened during the Shark Tank Tsunami of the

Sleeping Baby Update; Stephanie Parker 1 Year After The Shark Tank!

Hey Treps, I caught up with Stephanie Parker recently to see how business is booming since her original airdate & deal with Lori Greiner approximately two years ago.  Scroll down to read the Sleeping Baby Update. If you want to listen to our original podcast session click HERE or listen in the blue player TJ: What made

Spatty Update – Cheryl Rigdon Three Years After the Shark Tank

I caught up with Cheryl Rigdon recently to see how business is booming since her original air-date of The Spatty on Shark Tank THREE years ago.  She is such a sweetheart and I know many of you will resonate with her in that she felt like a non-entrepreneur trying to figure out everything on her own. Scroll

Emazing Lights Update – Brian Lim – Shark Tank Season 6

  Brian is giving away FREE GLOVES to celebrate our EPIC PODCAST.  Click Here to WIN. If you got a $20m valuation in the Shark Tank, would you turn it down? That’s what I ask today’s guest — Brian Lim of Emazing Lights. I’m a big fan of Brian. He’s a young guy with an amazing work

Sleeping Baby Update – Stephanie & Brett Parker – Season 6 Episode 1

“Success is experiencing failure after failure and maintaining your enthusiasm.”  Stephanie Parker (quoting Winston Churchill) of Sleeping Baby As an entrepreneur or a budding entrepreneur it’s vital to know who buys your product. Today’s guests knew their buyers were primarily moms, but it wasn’t until they shared a very personal story during their pitch on

Episode 520 – Young Bloods! – Shark Tank Podcast

The YOUNG BLOODS! Season 5 Episode 20 Original Airdate: 03/05/2014 Episode 520  features young entrepreneurs, including some young children.  I was skeptical about this at first because I sensed the youth angle would mean we would sacrifice quality, but that wasn’t the case.  I have to give them credit because I WISH I had been

Freshly Picked Update – Susan Peterson – Season 5 Episode 15

Alternate Title: How to get a standing ovation from Mark Cuban on National TV! Take your pick, either way Susan Peterson was FANTASTIC during her segment on Shark Tank.  Whether your judge it based on her standing O, or throwing Kevin off his game, or her wonderful story and product…Freshly Picked was a winner and