SoundBender Update – Moshe Weiss – Season 4 Episode 14 – Daymond John Deal

The Rabbi Moshe Weiss is WA-wesome…



Moshe Weiss has an incredible story.  The downturn in the economy hit him very hard.  He ran out of money, closed his school, and came very close to losing the family’s home.  A friend bought him an IPad to help cheer him up (Great friend huh?) Little did he know at that point he was taking the first steps on an amazing new road that would change his life forever.

“I am here to make your Oy Vey GO AWAY”  says the Rabbi.

His nifty little SoundBender is on the road to hitting a half million in sales this year thanks to Daymond John and the deal they struck (40% for 54k)

I can’t say enough about the Rabbi, he was even more fun to chat with then he was to watch on the show and I think we should all take note of the power of passion, persuasion, and personality. (Did I just invent the 3 Ps?)  Enjoy the show!

Also I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Moshe’s wife…he made it very clear she has been an anchor in the seas of adversity.  I hear you brother…

In this episode you will hear:

  • The Shark Tank effect isn’t winning the lottery, its winning the chance to do ALOT of work.
  • Moshe’s secret to “OWNING” his time in the tank
  • The origin of the word WA-wesome
  • How Moshe unwittingly stole MY idea for Soundbender (When you find yourself asking why there isn’t an easier way…thats a light bulb moment)
  • How Kickstarter (Crowd Funding) got Soundbender off the ground (and how it can help you)
  • How Apple randomly inserts their magnets inside of the IPAD, and why it forced Moshe to re-design his Soundbender mold.
  • How Moshe didn’t sit and wait for Shark Tank to call, and you shouldn’t either (HINT:  It took 5 months for the phone to ring)
  • Which Shark Moshe wanted to work with when he jumped in the TANK. (Hint – Moshe LOVES his new partner)
  • Moshe tells me that he never wanted to leave…he loved the tank, and it showed.
  • The ONE HAT story and how it can help you keep your focus.
  • Moshe is a Shark-Trepreneur – a term that is going viral! (Eventually)
  • The Shark-Trepreneur community and how many of them have a virtual 2nd family type kinship as a result of going on the show.
  • How Moshe was trying to “march to the show music” without being able to hear it. (Could you tell what he was doing?)
  • How Moshe plans to out-compete the competitors that are already entering the market.
  • Projected Sales for this year (It’s over a half million – nice job Moshe)
  • One of the best analogies I have ever heard regarding planning for the future after an experience like Shark Tank (Think Puzzle with no box)
  • Moshe’s Forest Gump moment (No one gets my jokes…)
  • The ONE THING Moshe wishes he had said on camera during his negotiation. (It’s really good, he should trademark it)
  • Mark Cuban answer his emails..?  Moshe has been quite impressed by Mark’s influence. (Especially his influence on the success of the show)
  • Moshe’s words of wisdom…Love what you do, and don’t expect anything to change without great personal effort.
  • Shark Tank wasn’t planned, and Moshe was determined to be successful with or without it. (He admits is certainly helped)
  • Moshe talks about losing his school and the resolve that can result from this kind of disappointment.
  • How earning a great level of success can & will change your perspective on life.
  • Moshe’s greatest feeling (It’s profoundly simple)
  • Plus a whole lot more…


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