Shark Tank Updates

Why do I say REAL? Well one of the reasons I started my podcast was because I couldn’t find very much info about the entrepreneurs after they went on Shark Tank.  Why weren’t the details readily available?

Over time I realized the reason the information isn’t available is because there isn’t any incentive to share it.  Reality TV is a Hollywood production.  The goal is make sure you never turn the channel.

Beyond The Tank is validation that people REALLY WANT TO KNOW what happens after Shark Tank.  Fortunately for you I have been doing Shark Tank updates on the podcast for years.  Now I have added blog updates in order to try and keep up with the ever-growing Shark Tank alumni.  Keep checking back often for new updates!


Sorted Alphabetically

Right After The Tank


The Skinny Mirror

1 Year After The Tank


Beard Brand

Booby Pack

Fun Cakes

Heidi Ho Organics

LuminAID Solar Powered Lights

Myself Belts

Off The Cob Chips

Sleeping Baby

Squatty Potty

Victoria’s Kitchen (Almond Water)


2 Years After The Tank


Alaska Glacial Mud Co

Bare Ease

Hanukkah Tree Topper



3 Years After The Tank


Ice Chips Candy


The Bear & The Rat (Ice Cream Treats for Dogs)

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