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During Shark Tank Season, chatting about Shark Tank would keep up from getting the “Mondays”  Seriously we would break down each segment and talk about what we liked, what products were going to thrive, and which Shark had too much to drink that day.  🙂  If the show was really good the chat would spill into Tuesday or Wednesday.  I guess it was sort of like fantasy football for NFL die hards, except that entrepreneurship isn’t useless trivia.

Well we are taking this post game recap chat to the web, and its called the Shark Tank Hangover.  Each Friday by 930pm AZ time we will be live streaming the Shark Tank Recaps via Google Hangouts on Air. I say “we” because each week an entrepreneur/Shark Tank Fan/Shark Tank VETERAN from the show will be joining me to break down the epsiode.  These videos will available here on the website AND on my Youtube Channel.

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The Shark Tank Hangover! – Season 7 Episode 1

  • The Beebo
  • Acton Rocket Skates
  • McClary Brothers Drinking Vinegars
  • Signal Vault


Shark Tank Hangover! – Season 7 Episode 2

  • O’ Dang (Forever Hold Your Peace)
  • Splikity (Cuban Has Left The Building)
  • Mikki Bey (Big Girls Don’t Cry)
  • Loliware (CUBIGAMY!)


Shark Tank Hangover! – Season 7 Episode 3

Co-Host: Dave Alwan of Echo Valley Meats & Partner of Mark Cuban

  • Foot Cardigan
  • “Wonderful Weddings” Montage – Update
    • Bottle Breacher
    • Honeyfund
    • Wicked Good Cupcakes
  • Valpark Mobile
  • Two Guys Bow Ties
  • Nerd Wax


Shark Tank Hangover! – Season 7 Episode 4

I was sick with a virus and lost my voice – well come back to this one.


Shark Tank Hangover! – Season 7 Episode 5

Co-Host: Julie Busha of Slawsa & Season 5 Shark Tank Alumni

  • Three Jerks Jerky
  • Bantam Bagels Starbucks Update with Lori Greiner
  • Skinny Mirror
  • Switch Witch
  • XCraft Drone

Shark Tank Hangover! – Season 7 Episode 6

Co-Host: Abbie Unger

  • Rent Like A Champion (Chris Sacca & Mark Cuban)
  • HotShot (No Deal)
  • WindCatcher (Lori Greiner)
  • Stem Center (Lori Greiner)
  • Update – Swag Essentials


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