Shark Tank AFTER PARTY! Episode 802: The Lapel Project, Good Hangups, Ice Age Meals, Tactibite

Shark Tank Episode 802 featured:

  • The Lapel Project
  • Good Hangups
  • Ice Age Meals
  • Tactibite


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TJ Hale

TJ Hale

TJ Hale is host of the popular "Shark Tank Podcast" where he interviews entrepreneurs from the show, casting directors and producers, the SHARKS themselves, and also real-life entrepreneurs. TJ is married with two sons. When he's not consulting entreprneurs or rubbing shoulders with Sharks, he's often spending time with family or practicing to one day become the Phoenix Suns mascot, the Suns Gorilla - no, seriously, click here, here, or here to check that out. To learn more about TJ, or to connect with him on social media, head over to the about page or click here.