Ry’s Ruffery Update – Ryan & Daniela – Season 4 Episode 25

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Believe in your gut because you really can’t go wrong with yourself.” Ryan of Ry’s Ruffery (Formerly Ryan’s Barkery)

Some of the most interesting and exciting guests on Shark Tank are the young entrepreneurs – who doesn’t love a kid going after their dreams?! And today’s guest falls into that category. Ryan of Ry’s Ruffery is the youngest participant to ever be on the show; Ryan was a wee 10 year old lad when he and his mom made their pitch for a loan for Ryan’s dog treat business.

Ryan has been an entrepreneur for most of his young life with age-appropriate businesses and his mom, Danielle, has always encouraged him. In fact, he was recently nominated as Ernest & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. His mom says he’s always been up to something business-related.

And Ry’s Ruffery began like many businesses do: he began baking dog treats and started giving them to friends. Danielle and Ryan then teamed up with a local pet shelter to sell their treats at a dog adoption event.

From there, someone nominated them to be on the show and they followed through with the application process. Despite having no business background in her history, Danielle has always encouraged her son to do whatever he set his mind to.

And they made it on the show and it’s been an incredible opportunity as a result!

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Episode 425: 5/17/2013 

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In this Shark Tank Update you will hear:

  • Why Barbara was their first choice.
  • Why it’s no longer a hobby for Ryan.
  • How Kevin treated them while on the show.
  • Why they haven’t used any of the money from the show.
  • How much had his business earned before auditioning?
  • What did Ryan and his mom do with their initial earnings?
  • Why Ryan’s mom says going on the show was the smartest AND the dumbest thing she’s ever done…
  • What did their dog do on the set within the first minutes of their pitch?
  • How Ryan’s friends have responded to his appearance on the show.
  • When did their web site go live and why did it add an extra challenge to the impact of The Shark Tank Effect?
  • Who forgot the entire pitch just before they went on stage: Ryan or his mom?
  • And much more…

Entrepreneurship nuggets from Ryan’s Barkery:

  • You can never really be fully prepared to be on the show and for its effects.
  • Money doesn’t solve all the problems you have as an entrepreneur.
  • It’s as much about the ride as it is about the business.

The Shark Tank Effect:

  • Their computer kept dinging with orders and their phones rang all night!
  • On track to do $400,000 by the end of this year. 
  • They are in over 1,000 Target stores as of today!

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