Stephen Key – Founder of InventRight and Author of One Simple Idea

Do you have a million great ideas and no products on the market?

Today we have Stephen Key, the founder of InventRight and the author of One Simple Idea. Stephen has helped entrepreneurs with licensing by “renting” their ideas to large corporations that are better equipped to sell your product than you are. Tune in to learn valuable information about patents, licensing, and product creation that might save you years as you try and bring your product to market.

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In this Shark Tank Update you will hear:

  • How can Make48 accelerate your product business? [4:28]
  • What is One Simple Idea all about? [9:00]
  • What is Stephen’s opinion on Shark Tank? [10:21]
  • What is better than looking for someone with money and connections? [11:52]
  • What is the process from idea to licensing? [14:12]
  • What if your product idea has already been done? [16:42]
  • Should you license or take your product to market yourself? [22:45]
  • How do you avoid getting taken advantage of by licensing companies? [28:19]
  • What are the 3 lies you hear on Shark Tank? [30:07]
  • How do you deal with the dark side of patents? [35:54]
  • What are some examples of Stephen’s super-successful students? [39:28]
  • What was Stephen’s first product? [43:46]
  • What is Stephen Key’s advice for budding entrepreneurs? [47:13]
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