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Living the Dream!

If you are like me and you like Shark Tank (and I know you do, why else would you be here) then you have to admit Mindy has it made.  What an amazing experience to be an insider casting guests on the greatest show on TV.  Working closely with the Sharks, the treps, and the production team at Sony/ABC.  I’ll admit, I’m envious.

“If you don’t love what you are doing…why do it?”  Mindy Z.

My anger and envy notwithstanding, I convinced Mindy to hang with me on the Podcast just after season 5 wrapped so we could talk all things Shark Tank

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THE DEAL: Mindy didn’t get a deal, she IS the deal

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Check out his session HERE!

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In this episode you will hear:

  • Mindy is from Maine, here is a map if you aren’t sure where that is.
  • Mindy has been fortuitous in her career pursuits, especially when it comes to landing in the Shark Tank
  • Before Shark Tank there was The Apprentice – Mindy was there. (Note from the host: Celebrity Apprentice never actually happened)
  • What is the skinny on season 6?  When are the tryouts?
  • What should we expect to see from the second half of the season 5?
  • How do regular people (like you and I) get on the show as a guest shark?
  • Does Mindy make other casting directors feel like Frank Grimes?? (Grimey)
  • Mindy tells which shark tank guests really stood out to her…Any guesses? (ironically they both include “cake” in the name)
  • Plus a whole lot more…


The Shark Cage:

  • Have an excellent two-minute pitch prepared
  • Know your numbers and what sets you APART from the competition
  • Have a lot of energy


Items we talked about during the session:

Party online with Mindy:



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TJ Hale

TJ Hale

TJ Hale is host of the popular "Shark Tank Podcast" where he interviews entrepreneurs from the show, casting directors and producers, the SHARKS themselves, and also real-life entrepreneurs. TJ is married with two sons. When he's not consulting entreprneurs or rubbing shoulders with Sharks, he's often spending time with family or practicing to one day become the Phoenix Suns mascot, the Suns Gorilla - no, seriously, click here, here, or here to check that out. To learn more about TJ, or to connect with him on social media, head over to the about page or click here.
  • Francene Pisano Dudziec

    Great podcast thank you for sharing! We have a great new site that is perfect to accompany Mindy’s new holiday lights show. please take a look and share it!… http://www.locatethelights.com!

    • Hey Thanks for the link Francene- I have forwarded it to Mindy. Glad you enjoyed the podcast – Good luck on your project – work hard and luck will seek you out.

  • PortaPocketGal

    cool info! — just feel at this point there’s no chance ST will take me on as they’d shown another item last yr (sorta like my patented PortaPocket but really not) AND the fact Mr Wonderful invested in another sorta-like PortaPocket product (but not) on Canadian/Dragon’s Den version (so conflict of interest). Too bad 🙁 ….seriously …who wouldn’t want to see the “crazy” gal w/giant leg on her back?? (pix here –> https://www.facebook.com/pages/PortaPocket/36794284484 😉

    My solution’s much more versatile as can be used from the gym to a night on the town & everything in between. Plus is detachable & interchangeble. Those others don’t work that way. No matter. I’ll soldier on…and keep denting the universe, even in small (but meaningful) ways. Want to see why I’m excited to get up in the morning? Just visit http://www.portapocket.com xoxo

    • Hey PortaPocketGal, first off, I LOVE the energy and attitude. I will make sure Mindy sees your comment. Thanks for listening and Mindy just announced open tryouts for next season. Are you on the Shark Tank Newsletter??

      • PortaPocketGal

        thanks TJ. appreciate it! tryouts …well….as I said ..they have been unproductive and I don’t see any reason why this year would be any different. I already have done everything but stand on my head (and practically that too). I really don’t have time to spend a day prepping yet another application, waiting around for hours at an audition, and then just get disregarded again. they know I’m here. they know where to find me if they want.
        btw…not sure what you mean re: if I am “on the newsletter”…?

        • Yeah I hear you. I know several of my guests had to wait a full season after being rejected before getting invited to be on the show, but I can understand your frustration. Have you done a crowdfunding initiative like kickstarter?

          • PortaPocketGal

            thanks TJ. Yes, have tried that route. But have to say I’m no kickstarter fan…they rejected my project for no apparent reason despite my fitting all of their criteria.This after they approved an iron -on pocket patch thing (unattractive and can’t be moved), a bra w/pockets (sweat & health concerns) and a device that mounts on a bike frame to hold a phone (PortaPocket can do this too). So those things are A-ok and mine is not? really? …and they also refused to offer a reasonable explanation as to why the denial (wrote me some bogus blow off note that did not answer the Q). NICE!

            So I have been doing my bling line of PortaPocket cases by myself. aaahh…entrepreneurship…
            at least the good news is i KNOW I have a great thing that one day will find the right partner to get it to where it deserves to be. You know “overnight sensations” are usually a decade in the making… ;p)

          • Sounds like you are about due to catch a lucky break any time now…and you are right on about overnight sensations. When it happens it often takes a lifetime. Keep trucking!

          • PortaPocketGal

            thanks TJ 🙂 you too. xo

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  • Stephanie Harding

    TJ, we sent our email today and I just asked to be her friend on IG (she’s private) THANK YOU!!! http://www.tinkandkey.com Please forward her our contact information 🙂 YOUR THE BEST!

    • Hi Stephanie, Mindy is very friendly online but doesn’t have much tolerance for being pitched on IG account. Just letting you know. Best of Luck…I love what you are doing. Sleeping Baby comes out next week, i think you will like that one.

  • Robert Bibbo

    How do we get on the show without going to an open casting call? I think our company would be a good applicant. My company is American Combat Veteran Clothing. We are a veteran owned company with the unique selling position that only combat veterans make the clothing….how cool is that! my email is robert@americancombatveteranclothing.com let me know please!