The Game Face Company UPdate – Doug Marshall – Season 4 Episode 12


Game Face

Doug sporting the now infamous Patriot Face!

Time to put your GAME FACE ON!

Doug Marshall woke up one day with a million dollar idea, literally.  He went to work right away putting the patents in place and working in the design.  After being hassled by friends for years about going on Shark Tank he finally relented.  The rest as we say, is history!

“Shark Tank isn’t about winning, or even making a deal…its about AIRING!”   Doug Marshall

The Game Face is preparing to be spread to every major sporting event in America and beyond.  Seriously in the next two years there is the possibility that every sporting event, ever Halloween costume, and every gift shop could be selling a GAME FACE.  You can only get the inside scoop by tuning in to session 50 of the Shark Tank Podcast!

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Game Face

THE DEAL: Mark & Lori 450k for 35% + 3 years salary (80k) & 10% royalty until investment is repaid

Company Started: January 2008

Episode 412 – Aired 10/26/2013  Filmed Summer 2012

Update: Episode 517  Aired 2/21/14

2nd of 9 segments filmed that day (2 hour negotiation)

Sales at time of taping: 100k

Projected 2014 sales: Up to 20 million!

The Shark Tank Effect:

  •  NFL & NCAA licensed products will be on the shelves in Fall 2014
  • NHL & MLB have approved the license of the Game Face
  • Kmart is running a test this year
  • Marvel License is being tested soon also (SpiderMan first, then the others)
  • Sales doubled the year after airing, with projections this year of 2-20 million! (Depends on distribution channels)
  • 2015 has interest from Heineken (Champions League) and the Rugby World Championship

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In this episode you will hear:

  • Doug’s idea for the company came to him in a dream… (seriously)
  • Whats even better is he raised funds from friends and family first (after having the dream)  80k for 10% to be exact.
  • The huge upside of picking a product that spans multiple industries (costumes, Major Sports Leagues, hunting, military, etc)
  • The peel away design was tested for the first time on Shark Tank (2 years in development)
  • Doug thinks of his time in the tank like a free mastermind, he loved every second
  • What is it really like working with Lori Grenier & Mark Cuban?
  • Why did it take so long for Game Face to get an update?
  • What do you do when Mark texts “Where are you??”
  • Plus a whole lot more…

Entrepreneurship nuggets from Doug:

  • If your product solves a problem, there will be a market for it
  • If your idea is really good, you have to protect it
  • Take action and things will be provided for you, good things will happen and validation will bring the courage to push forward

Game Face’s favorite read: (anything by Branson)


Items/People we talked about during the session: (Should you get to know them??)

Resource that Doug couldn’t live without:

  • His Wife (He went on for a LONG time about how the company never would have survived without the partnership and support of his wife…somehow this was the first time I had gotten this answer – gave us both a chuckle)

Party online with The Game Face Company:

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