FiberFix Update – Spencer & Eric – Season 5


100x stronger than duct tape, how could Lori say no?

Spencer & Eric are 2/5ths (the best looking 2/5ths in their estimation) of the partnership that make up FiberFix.  FiberFix is the material that is 100x stronger that Duct Tape, and if you are a male like me who never thought there would be a greater invention than duct tape in my lifetime.

It’s not the critic who counts, but the credit goes to the man who is actually in the arena – Theodore Roosevelt

FiberFix had a very entertaining segment AND a great product.  Always a great combination.  Add a touch of drama and a pinch of Shark feeding frenzy and I had to have these two on the show to share their experience.  Ultimately there was a near-miss with Robert and a deal penned with Lori – then it was off to the races.

Jump IN!

THE DEAL: Lori Grenier 120,000 for 12%

Company Started: 2013

Episode 506 – Aired 10/26/2013

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In this episode you will hear:

  • Who decides Duct Tape isn’t getting the job done?  FIBERFIX
  • There were two of the five FiberFix partners in the tank…how did that shake out?
  • How did FiberFix have presence in 400 stores after being in business only 3 months??
  • Why Lori was a better partner than Robert for this deal…
  • Why Lori is the QUEEN of QVC!
  • Why Spencer & Eric almost walked off the set before filming…?
  • FiberFix update is in the works!
  • Plus a whole lot more…

The Shark Tank Effect:

  •  FiberFix sold over 40k rolls of product THE DAY after they aired on Shark Tank in 10 MINUTES!
  • FiberFix is under a gag order because of an update coming up so they can’t provide sales numbers
  • Home Depot, Lowe’s, & 2000 other independent hardware stores
  • FiberFix loves Lori – LOVE HER!

Advice from the FiberFix Team:

  • It is incredibly difficult to start a business, put a team together
  • Make sure the team is filled with different skill sets
  • Don’t worry about being perfect, just find an idea that people will pay for and go from there

FiberFix’s favorite read:

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Items/People we talked about during the session: (Should you get to know them??)

Tool that FiberFix couldn’t live without:

  • Dropbox

Party online with FiberFix:


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