STP 035: Building the #1 Shark Tank Fan Site with Rob Merlino

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The Hotdog Man & The FUBU Guru!

And now…The Rest Of The Story…

Rob Merlino is the author and co-founder of the #1 fan site on the web when it comes to Shark Tank.  What started as an unknown & obscure website has blossomed and made Rob the “authority” on all things Shark Tank.  He now has an easy time approaching those on the show and typically hears from them BEFORE they air.
“Keep on sucking until you “Suck-ceed”  Curly

Aside from this being fun as a fan of the show, there is a lesson here…a pattern.  Start a site, become recognized as an expert or authority, and doors will open for you.   We also talk about the monetization side of finning this blog/business as well as TONS & TONS of shark tank potpourri.  This phenomenon of Shark Tank spawning fan sites, podcasts (me!), new businesses, etc is a great example of the abundance in this world and how scarce thinking is misguided.  The pie is always expanding.

Jump IN!

Session 35 of Shark Tank Podcast is sponsored by:

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In this episode you will hear:

  • The blog has only been up since season 3 and is already the number one fan resource on the show (Other than STP! :)
  • Where does Rob get his dirt?
  • If you don’t have something nice to write, don’t write it at all
  • Over 35, 000 people tried out and only about 100 will be featured during season 5 – so the odds are not in your favor EVEN if you make it to the TANK.
  • The producers recruit maybe 25% of the “treps” on the show
  • What is the show looking for, Rob’s advice how to get on the show
  • How long will Shark Tank run?
  • Is there a Shark Tank book in the works??
  • Advice to people on how to monetize your traffic
  • Plus a whole lot more…

Advice for entrepreneurs who want to get on Shark Tank:

  • You and your product have to make great TV – Don’t forget this!
  • Kickstarter – they find a fair percentage of their businesses here
  • Barbara Corcoran said she likes the wackos – they make the best guests (Not sure what you should do with this…)

Items we talked about during the session:

Rob’s favorite Product & Pitch:

Echo Valley Meats & Plate topper (Michael Sing)

Least Favorite:

Sullivan Generator

Highest Ranked Posts on Shark Tank Blog:

  1. Plate Topper
  2. Toygaroo (They went belly up)
  3. HyConn
  4. NailPak
  5. Sullivan Generator

Book that Rob recommends:

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Tech that Rob could not survive without:


Party online with SharkTankBlog:



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Thank you for checking out the Shark Tank Podcast.  Hopefully you get a feel for how much I love the show and sharing this medium with fellow fans.  PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! (Seriously, tell 5 people before the end of the day)

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Until Next Time…Bu-Bye!


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  1. Herby Fabius says:

    Shark Tank is the best TV show in the world, and now you have the best podcast in the world. I like you got going hereTJ, great work.

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