ilumi Shark Tank Update; Corey Egan – Mark Cuban Deal – Season 5

Corey Egan made a splash in the Shark Tank during Season 5 to pitch iLumi.  Corey was a college student along with his co-founder Swapni Bora. They won a competition for 5k with their idea for Ilumi.  They launched a couple different crowdfunding campaigns, the most recent of which nettted 145,000 (with a 25k goal) They recently

Heidi Ho Organics Update: 1 Year After The Shark Tank!

Heidi K. Lovig jumped into the Shark Tank in Season 6 to pitch HEIDI HO Organics. Heidi successfully negotiated a 30% equity deal with Lori Greiner in exchange for $125,000 Not only did Heidi Ho get an update in the SAME SEASON of Shark Tank, but has been making waves since the cameras stopped rolling. Now if

Squatty Potty Update; 1 Year After The Shark Tank!

Bobby & Judy Edwards jumped into the Shark Tank in Season 6 with the Squatty Potty! I had them on my a past podcast to tell their story, and it really is incredible.  You can listen on the blue bar to that interview if you like: They are some of my favorite entrepreneurs from Shark Tank and

Bottle Breacher Update – Elijah & Jen Crane – Season 6

Guys love guns, and they love beer.  Elijah Crane combined the two, added a pinch of Mr. Wonderful, a dash of Mark Cuban…and the rest is history. Bottle Breacher was featured on Shark Tank in Season 6.  They asked for 150k for 10% of their business and locked up a deal with Mark Cuban and Uncle Kevin

Myself Belts Update; 1 Year After The Shark Tank!

Talia jumped into the Shark Tank in Season 6.  Despite over 205k in sales the year prior, a couple of the sharks were hard on her.  Daymond liked what he saw and made a deal investing 75,000 for 25% of the business.  Scroll down to read about whats happened during the Shark Tank Tsunami of the

The Natural Grip Update – Ashley Drake – Shark Tank Season 6

  Today on the show we have Captain Ashley Drake, the CEO and founder of The Natural Grip. Captain Drake is “Mom”Preneur who inspires.  When her little business started to take off, she had to put life into overdrive, and Shark Tank seemed like a dream come true.  Find out why she says that things

Shark Tank Update: Tom and Chee – Season 4

I grew up on grilled cheese sandwiches.   Remember when Bubba Gump ran through the various things you can do with Shrimp?  I could probably do that with grilled cheese sandwiches or quesadillas.  When Drew Quackenbush and Corey Ward entered the tank to pitch Tom& Chee, I was elated and shocked.  I honestly didn’t know