ModMom Furniture Update – Kiersten Hathcock – Season 2

Herjavec leaves Kiersten at the altar What makes a mother of two in the corporate marketing world pick up a set of tools and start making high end toy-boxes from scratch in her garage?  Even more importantly, how to make this venture successful once the ball is rolling.  Mod Mom Furniture filled a niche in

Daisy Cakes Update – Kim Nelson – Season 2 Episode 5

Daisy Cakes are D-Lish’ Kim Nelson stepped into the Shark Tank is season 2 with the most delicious cake the Sharks had ever tasted.  She made a deal with Barbara and started selling cakes by the thousands.  Her dreams had come true and this is exactly what she had always wanted…except that it wasn’t Daisy’s

Original Runner Company Update – Julie Goldman – Shark Tank Season 2

Gusto, moxie, panache…call it what you will.  Julie Goldman stepped into the Shark Tank in season 2 and left a trail of sharky chum in her wake.  She is the founder of Original Runner Company, which is an incredibly successful wedding specialty company.  What is her secret?  A fantastic product, winning attitude, and an insatiable

Orig Audio Co-Founder Michael Szymczak

Can you hear me now?  GOOD! Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak were tired of traveling with bulky speakers, not to mention constantly shopping for batteries.  So what did they do?  Well like any solid entrepreneurs they sought out to create a solution. “To this day we still don’t have a business plan…Staying flexible has been