Trobo Shark Tank Update! – Robert Herjavec Deal – Season 7

Trobo made a splash in the Shark Tank during Season 7. Chris and Jeremy were able to successfully navigate a deal with Robert Herjavec, but what was left out of the episode? What parts of the negotiation didn’t air? How did TROBO get on the show? How did they prepare for the Shark Tank Tsunami? How has TROBO done

Rags To Raches Shark Tank Update: Rachel Nilsson – Season 7

Rachel Nilsson made a splash in the Shark Tank during Season 7 to pitch Rags To Raches.  Rachel was living in the in-laws basement at the time and trying to figure out how to keep food in her kids mouth.  With a husband in grad school, most of his time was dedicated to studies.  What did she do?

Twin Z Pillow Update! – Michelle & Jason Barsosky – Season 6

Michelle & Jason Barsosky  jumped in the Shark Tank during Season 6 to pitch Twin Z Pillow.   This was my favorite type of story…a company born out of pure desperation after both Michelle & Jason found themselves out of work at the same time. Today well discuss how they built TWIN Z PILLOW into a 7

Ice Chips Update: 3 Years After The Shark Tank!

Beverly Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary jumped into the Shark Tank in Season 4 with ICE CHIPS! I was a huge fan of these two from the beginning and thrilled to have them as a very early guest on my podcast. It was on this podcast episode that they first announced that their deal with Mark Cuban and

Neat Cheeks Update – Danielle Stangler – Season 6

Today on the show we have a Danielle Stangler, the CEO & co-founder of Neat Cheeks. Neat Cheeks went on Shark Tank to pitch flavored face wipes for kids. We learn how she went from 2 Walgreens locations to over 100! Tune in to hear how she’s also infiltrated Babies-R-Us, Nordstrom Rack, and more big retail names.

Sleeping Baby Update; Stephanie Parker 1 Year After The Shark Tank!

Hey Treps, I caught up with Stephanie Parker recently to see how business is booming since her original airdate & deal with Lori Greiner approximately two years ago.  Scroll down to read the Sleeping Baby Update. If you want to listen to our original podcast session click HERE or listen in the blue player TJ: What made

ZinePak Update – Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe – Shark Tank Season 6

Would you like to start a business tomorrow and have $30m in sales in 3 years? If that interests you, stick around. Today’s guests are Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe, co-founders of ZinePak. They created an incredibly innovative company that’s partnered with Walmart and has put them on Inc’s 35 under 35. They talk about their