Trobo Shark Tank Update! – Robert Herjavec Deal – Season 7

Trobo made a splash in the Shark Tank during Season 7. Chris and Jeremy were able to successfully navigate a deal with Robert Herjavec, but what was left out of the episode? What parts of the negotiation didn’t air? How did TROBO get on the show? How did they prepare for the Shark Tank Tsunami? How has TROBO done

Rags To Raches Shark Tank Update: Rachel Nilsson – Season 7

Rachel Nilsson made a splash in the Shark Tank during Season 7 to pitch Rags To Raches.  Rachel was living in the in-laws basement at the time and trying to figure out how to keep food in her kids mouth.  With a husband in grad school, most of his time was dedicated to studies.  What did she do?

The Natural Grip Update – Ashley Drake – Shark Tank Season 6

  Today on the show we have Captain Ashley Drake, the CEO and founder of The Natural Grip. Captain Drake is “Mom”Preneur who inspires.  When her little business started to take off, she had to put life into overdrive, and Shark Tank seemed like a dream come true.  Find out why she says that things

ZinePak Update – Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe – Shark Tank Season 6

Would you like to start a business tomorrow and have $30m in sales in 3 years? If that interests you, stick around. Today’s guests are Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe, co-founders of ZinePak. They created an incredibly innovative company that’s partnered with Walmart and has put them on Inc’s 35 under 35. They talk about their

Nuts N More Update – Dennis Iannoti – Season 4 Episode 18- Deal with Robert Herjavec & Mark Cuban

Gym/Tan/Laundry & Nuts - This Robert Herjavec Shark Tank Deal is Blowing Up!

Nuts ‘N More from Neil Cameron While watching the show with my wife, we always give our thoughts on whether or not a company will get funding based on our initial impression. With NutsNMore, I thought they’d get a deal but I had no idea they’d be such a hit in the marketplace. With their hustle, innovation

Henrys Humdingers Update – Henry J. Miller – Season 5 Episode 20 – Robert Herjavec & Mark Cuban (Severed) Deal

Henrys Humdingers Update – Henry J. Miller – Season 5 Episode 20 – Robert Herjavec & Mark Cuban (Severed) Deal

The Beekeeper takes on The Sharks! As one of the younger entrepreneurs to appear on Shark Tank, Henry J. Miller of Henrys Humdingers created quite a buzz (pun intended) with his segment. When his episode aired, Henry was a mere 16 but he had been hard at work building a spiced honey business for five