Trobo Shark Tank Update! – Robert Herjavec Deal – Season 7

Trobo made a splash in the Shark Tank during Season 7. Chris and Jeremy were able to successfully navigate a deal with Robert Herjavec, but what was left out of the episode? What parts of the negotiation didn’t air? How did TROBO get on the show? How did they prepare for the Shark Tank Tsunami? How has TROBO done

The President Of O’Leary Ventures; Alex Kenjeev

Most of the Shark’s have a right-hand person who is responsible for getting in the trenches with their entrepreneurs. Kevin O’Leary’s right hand man is Alex Kenjeev. I had Alex Kenjeev on the show right before going to film Shark Tank in Los Angeles for Season 8. We talk about his background and qualifications, his

DUDE WIPES Shark Tank Update; “Mark Cuban is the Ultimate Dude!”

Ryan Meegan and Sean Riley made a splash in the Shark Tank during Season 7 to pitch DUDE WIPES. It’s been about a year since Mark Cuban surprised everyone by jumping BACK into the negotiations and making DUDE WIPES a last second offer.  Kevin and Robert had the rug pulled out from underneath them in the process.  Mark

Total Merchant Resources Update: 2 Years After The Shark Tank!

Shark Tank Episode: 509 Airdate: October 25, 2013 Total Merchant Resources Update with Jason Reddish TJ: What made you decide you were going to try out for Shark Tank..? Was it a light bulb moment, or something that you always knew you would do? More of a lightbulb moment. My partner Val mentioned that we should