NERDWAX Update – Don Hejny – Season 7

NERDWAX: Don & Lydia Hejny jumped in the Shark Tank during Season 7 to pitch NERDWAX.  Don had left the idea sitting in the closet for years while he tried to manage the grind of being a new dad while quitting a job that kept him on the road most of the time. Today well

Boobypack Update: 1 Year After The Shark Tank!

Christina Conrad jumped into the Shark Tank in Season 6 with the BoobyPack! Determined to do a deal with Barbara they agreed on an 80k investment for 25% of the business. As a huge supporter of anything boob related (but someone who can’t really use the product himself) I wanted to catch up with Christina and find

Throwing Cold Water on a Shark Tank Dream Deal: Project Repat

When working with entrepreneurs as they navigate their way through the Shark Tank vetting process, I’ve repeated a line so many times that it has become automatic, “This is all for nothing if you don’t air…make sure you do something worth putting on TV” As I have mentioned in “The Ultimate Guide to getting on

Power Pot: Our Shark Tank Audition Story

The following is courtesy of the founders of Power Pot. You can get all the details about this deal or listen to their podcast by clicking HERE   The application process for Power Practical to get on Shark Tank was a little non-standard. One of the producers from Shark Tank reached out to us via our website, and asking