SendABall Update! – Michele Kaputska – Season 1


Michele with one “L”…holding my ball

All balls, all the time!

Michele Kapustka is the kind of person that makes doing this podcast all worth it.  I wish there was a potion you could spray on people that would make them as fun to talk to as Michele…but i haven’t seen it on Shark Tank yet. (Season 5 maybe?)

Michele’s Success Quote: “You have to work ON your business as often as you work IN your business” Michele Kapustka

Michele joins me on Shark Tank Podcast to talk about…balls!  No seriously, ever since her appearance on Season 1 (Scroll down, it’s still online!) she has created a thriving business selling balls and delivering them via USPS & Ron the mailman.  Michele talks about the challenges of running this niche business, her menacing guerilla marketing strategy and how anyone can achieve success after they have clearly defined it.  Thanks Michele for an incredibly fun session.   Jump IN!

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In this episode you will hear:

  • Double Spanking
  • How a goofy ideas become a full-fledged 6 figure business
  • Michele’s guerilla marketing strategy that got her on Donny Deutsch’s show (5 times)  & Oprah
  • The restraining order that Donny had to place on Michele (joke – I think…)
  • Why doubling the price of her Balls tripled her sales  T-R-I-P-L-E-D
  • Persistence, Persistence, Persistence, Persistence, Persistence, Persistence, Persistence
  • RTTM – Ron the mailman is their mascot on the website…classic
  • The story of how they got on Shark Tank season 1 (Hint: Guerilla marketing)
  • Michele pulls a “do you know who I am?” when she gets pulled over…
  • They rush you out on a golf cart…and for two podcasts in a row the Shark Tank Psychologist gets a shout out!
  • 19 – NINETEEN copycats came out of the woodwork.  Copyright and trademark your stuff!
  • Would Michele do this if she were a man? (sexist right, I know!)
  • Plus a whole lot more…

Advice from Michele for entrepreneurs who haven’t made it over the hump just yet:

  •  Reach out to people who have been successful, they will often give you great advice.

  • People who tell you it can’t be done are telling you their story…not yours.

Items we talked about during the session:

Send Your Own Ball!!

Special Shark Tank Promo:  Use STPod when you order to get your ball HALF OFF!


(The Future of Radio)


Add more BALLS!

Tech that Michele could not survive without:

Sharpies (Cute Michele)

Books that Michele recommends:

The Ride of Our Lives: Roadside Lessons of an American Family

Tell Michele that you enjoyed her remarks:

Twitter: @HeySENDaBALL


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Until Next Time…Bu-Bye!


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