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My Name is TJ Hale and I Love Entrepreneurship

I believe that entrepreneurs solve problems.  I believe they are the catalysts of actual progress (not the kind you hear politicians speaking about to curry favor with the masses) and I believe they are the engine that improves our civilization…one idea, product, or company at a time.

We live in a time when there is an awakening to the fact that we are all entrepreneurs at the core.  All of us have an innate ability to create, to improve people’s lives, to make a difference.   How do we do this?  By applying ourselves every day.

There is nothing special about ideas, the magic is in the execution Robert Herjavec

Shark Tank has become extremely popular for many reasons, but I like it because it is inspiring would-be entrepreneurs to take action as well as showing them a glimpse of a world they are unfamiliar with.

I started the Shark Tank Podcast

I want to share my passion for entrepreneurialism.  The dictionary says an entrepreneur is someone who:
organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture

The Shark Tank Podcast is a place where you can come and listen to entrepreneurs tell the whole scoop.  Details regarding their business, what really happened on the show, failures, setbacks, big wins, and in some cases what its like partnering with a multi-millionaire/billionaire investor.

In addition to entrepreneurs on Shark Tank, I seek out successful and inspirational entrepreneurs to share their wisdom and experiences with you as well.  These are high quality, in-depth, & entertaining (I HATE boring interviews).

So more about me…I am a regular guy who married an amazing woman and I have two boys that my world revolves around.  I live near Phoenix, AZ and I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, and playing soccer in my spare time (I originally learned the game to keep from putting on .Lbs in my advanced age, and now I am a big fan of the game) I root for Arsenal in the english Premier League.  There was a time when I wanted to be the Suns Gorilla (I was very close).  Seriously. (Click Here & Here OR Here to check that out)  I also have several ideas for Shark Tank products that would get me kicked out of the building!

I’d love for you to join my thousands of entrepreneurs who reguarly listen to the Shark Tank Podcast.

If you have any suggestions, advice, or want to say hello…email me or hit me up on the social media links above.

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Cheers – TJ

Thinker, Joker, Lover, SharkTankPodcaster  🙂


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