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Your questions are original and it shows  how hard your work.  It sounds like I am blowing smoke up you know what, but I am not used to people asking really good questions
Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran

Shark Tank
TJ’s show actually inspired me to try out for and go on the Tank.  He would break down each entrepreneur’s experience so it seemed less intimidating. Then after I knew that I was going to go on, it really helped me prepare!
Freshly Picked

Susan Peterson

Freshly Picked
You are a phenomenal interviewer.  I can’t recall an interview with anyone who was better.  You effortlessly go between planned questions & off-the-cuff
Plate Topper

Michael Tseng

Plate Topper
I just wanted to write you to thank you to the moon and back for your podcast.  I have listened to your podcast nonstop and it has changed my life.  After each one I feel so inspired but I also feel a boost of confidence that I am on the right track.  It lifts me up and leaves me so inspired.  I recommend your podcast to everyone regardless if they want to do shark tank or not. I consider it an essential tool and guide for running a business. Thank you again!
Fawn Design


Fawn Design
I am a short time listener but HUGE Fan.  Like many other people have said on Itunes, your podcast is way better than the TV show.  Your show is amazing.

Lion A.

Your Show Is Amazing

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